Erin Yanke of KBOO 90.7 fm invited Church of Girl Founders to do a special show for International Women's Day. We loved the idea of sharing music from our fabulous Radio Stars from all around the world! The 1.5 hour long program aired March 9 at 1:30 am and Erin gave us a copy of the program which is now available to you!

**Please Note: This is a 2 part download. KBOO:A and KBOO:B

KBOO:A (84.5MB - 61:21 minutes)

Rhythm King And Her Friends :: Get Paid
Interview Part 1
Lesbians on Ecstasy :: Manipulation
Alalie Lilt :: How I learned to Disappear
Northern State :: Vicious Cycle
Karyn Kuhl :: Floating World
Interview Part 2
Squab :: Hermit Style (A2F Radio Remix)
Scream Club :: Don't Fuck With My Babies
addicted2fiction :: Dead Stars (Covenant Cover)
Freezepop :: I Am Not Your Gameboy
Rauberhohle :: Loving Grrrls
Interview Part 3
Suran Song In Stag :: TV Screams

KBOO:B (40.2MB - 29:18 minutes)

Shoot Out The Lights :: My Warm December
Thee Heavenly Music Association ::
Les Baton Rouge :: Women Under Control
Zombina & The Skeletones :: I Was A Human Bomb For The FBI
Interview Part 4
Triple Creme :: Team Queen
Shitting Glitter :: Slut Buffet
Interview Part 5
Kate Wax :: Catch The Buzz