Ladymade: Original Designs - Hand Drawn and Colored on Shrinkable Plastic

The Process
Each piece of Ladymade jewelry is made completely by hand.

Every piece starts from an 8"x10" sheet of shrinkable plastic which is cut into various shapes and sizes. An original design is hand drawn and colored using brilliant, high-quality artist pencils and permanent markers. The tiny piece of art is then placed in a toaster oven where it shrinks to 1/5th of it's starting size! Finally, the pendants and earrings are coated with a clear acrylic sealant to protect the artwork.

Wear and Care
Your Ladymade jewelry is a unique, original work of art.

Ladymade recommends wearing your ladymade necklace with the smooth and shiny side against your skin. To prolong the brilliant color and clarity of your Ladymade jewelry, please take care to avoid contact with oils and lotions.

This site is set up for convenient shopping using PayPal. Ladymade will also accept your money order or check. Please contact Ladymade to make arrangements.

Wholesale, Consignment & Custom Orders:
Interested in carrying Ladymade jewelry in your botique? Minimum order is 30 pieces. Please contact Ladymade.