When Scream Club and Nicky Click made announcements on MySpace that they wanted their friends to put together shows for them to raise $$$ to release a split 7", Church of Girl volunteered to help!

We had a lot of fun with Cindy Wonderful, Sarah Adorable, Nicky Click, the marvelous dancers and all our friends who came out to support! A special thanks to Porky's who magnified our efforts by letting the artists keep 100% of the door!

Check back with us later for information and updates about the Scream Club / NickyClick 7" release date.


Sarah Adorable Shrouded in Bubbles

Cindy Wonderful in Disguise

Nicky Click Across the Fog

Fuelin' up for booty shakin'

The Mercury gave a special WOW!

Just Out gave the pick of the night!

Special Thanks to Karamy + Xposure Unlimited for the Media Shouts!

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