The Kitten Next Door
May 2007 Radio Star
Kitten Next Door Recordings


Jeannette Kantzalis has girl-punk roots going back to her stint as the songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist for the legendary Chubbies. She returns to the music scene as A Brokeheart Pro, tempering her roots with a heavy infusion of Rockabilly and Americana.

She self-released The Kitten Next Door in February 2006. Jeanette wrote most of the songs herself, played all the instruments and recorded the album in her home studio. We love the big sky guitars and moody darkness which she has perfectly woven throughout the album. In fact, 5 songs from the album were featured in 4 different horror films this past year!

With the success of her first independent release, we're anxious for what comes next from this punkabilly siren.

By Mary Ann Naylor + Church of Girl
Published 16 July 2007