Gimme Trouble
received 010.05

Photo: Kuperus

In Your Nerves

Adult. Is Nicola Kuperus and husband Adam Lee Miller with Sam Consiglio joining the lineup as their touring guitarist. The Detroit-based duo became stars of the Electroclash scene with songs like Hand to Phone which found its way onto CD compilations and Dance floors via DJ’s like Felix Da Housecat.

For this and other reasons, many people eagerly awaited the release of Gimme Trouble. It seems there was an amount of letdown for those seeking an album like Resuscitation or Anxiety Always. A measure of disappointment perhaps because there wasn’t any clean-line synth filigree or icy robotic drone to be found. But for the open-minded and those looking for something different, there is delight in what Gimme Trouble offers: buzzing new wave guitar, rolling gothic bass and much synth. It sounds a little like Bauhaus, Wall of Voodoo, and Early B52’s with vocals by Essential Logic.

Sam Consiglio’s guitar and bass sounds are a great addition and mesh seamlessly with the electronic elements of the band. Nicola pushes her voice to the upper limits of her range with devastating effect; like a modern-day Ari Up or Lora Logic. Nods to the past aside, Gimme Trouble is in fresh-sounding territory; an edgier cousin to bands like Boyskout, Ladytron and Robots in Disguise. The album is a step in the right direction for the band and we look forward to many more such surprises from them.


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