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Simply Gorgeous.

For nearly a year, I have grown steadily more fond of this emotionally, lyrically and musically powerful Austrian 5-piece. Alalie Lilt are Clara Humpel (vocals, guitar, songwriting); Veronika Humpel (backing vocals, accordion, keys); Jutta Sierlinger (backing vocals violin, keys); Andrea Franzel (ebass); and Helumt Schiefer (drums).

Alalie Lilt have a gift for celebrating the small moments of big emotions. The interplay between Veronika’s moaning accordion and Jutta’s wistful violin with Clara's honest lyric’s and gritty, soul-bearing vocals highlight the beauty in vulnerability. Indeed, Clara reminds us that music, unlike words and language, is capable of expressing simultaneity.

Alalie Lilt recently released the 12-song full length CD “What is Gone Doesn’t Necessarily Disappear” on Extraplatte records. The topics covered in the songs range from declarations of love – to complicated issues like hetero-normativity, self determination, aging and the end of friendships. The CD is amazing and surprising.

This band will appeal to music lovers of many varieties. Clara’s beautiful songwriting and the band’s delicate and rich musicianship transcends traditional sense of genre and classification. Simply – it is gorgeous music.


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Infectious Honesty

Formed by singer/songwriter Clara Humpel, Alalie Lilt started in Vienna in 1999 as a trio. Clara is a feminist song writer who cites Ani DiFranco, Sarah Dougher and Sleater-Kinney as some of her many influences. The trio soon grew into a sextet.

Traversing traditional musical borders, Alalie Lilt evoke a mélange of cultures; they combine French, Arab and Latin American accents with English-language songs. Over the usual tones of guitar pop, you will hear a violin, an accordion and a transverse flute, all working together to emphasize Clara’s honest voice and words.

Interestingly, words themselves are often the subject matter of Clara’s songs – the struggle with words and how they help and hinder our ability to construct reality and define our world. The band's name refers to that struggle: Alalie means "without a tongue" in ancient Greek and "to lilt" means to sing – or a sort of "singing speechlessness”.


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