received 08.05
Noisedeluxe Records

Cake Furore!

The mysteriously masked trio is from Bologna, Italy. They’re 2/3 female: “SHE breaks GUITARS 'n' HE smash DRUMS”. Almandino Quite De Luxe is the convergence of blues and noise delirium – like crossing Man or Astroman with The Sonics and Bob Log III.

Solid math rock plus surf punk divided by a factor of quirk = fantastic songs. Their latest release, ReBluesion, was recorded in two live sessions: in October 2003 at the PussyGarage in Bologna and in August 2004 at Bips Studios in Milan.

Other reviewers have called Almandino Quite De Luxe “noise pop” and “blues core” or “programmed chaos”, but our favorite description is pure: “hystrionic, orgiastic epilepsy”. Their music makes us QUITE happy and will make a perfect gift for the punks on your holiday shopping list.

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