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Anemo was formed in summer 2001 in Brighton. Anemo derives from the Greek work ANEMOS and means "changing forms" or "of the wind".

While the band is based in the UK , they were recently signed to New York label City Canyons Records. Their latest release, Slowburn, is a solid collection of hard pop/dark rock songs with plenty of metal guitar, crunchy percussion, and strong and soaring vocals.

The trio is Hazelle Woodhurst (vocals), Matt Palmer (guitar and Kingley Sage (keyboards). And it is the strong songwriting partnership between Woodhurst and Sage that brings another dimension of diversity to Anemo – songs range in subject matter from romance to politics to social commentary.

Prior to Anemo, Hazelle worked as an actress and can be seen in "Shakespeare in Love” and Scotland’s "Inasion Earth”.

The title track, "Slowburn" was selected as one of the top songs in 2005 on Next Big Hit. The CD will be released in the UK in 2006.


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