received 08.05

Atomic Mint Records

Yo Quiero Musica

Atomic Mint is Brianna (Vocal, Guitar), Misha (Bass) and Ama (Drums). The Mountain View, California trio has been Radio Stars since August 2003. They are back with a new release Creature, which, more-than-ever, showcases the vocal talent of Brianna – who is often described as a siren and as a woman who could sing about anything and still enchant by virtue of her voice.

Brianna’s voice may be the center that holds Creature together, but her guitar playing, Misha's bass playing and Ama's beats kick equal ass. The songs and melodies created by the trio are a wonderful mix, going from pop groove to rockabilly burlesque to rocking nirvana minimalism. The many moods and genres evident on Creature validate the bands reputation as “stylistic chameleons”.


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