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avenue d

Do You Look Like a Slut?

Daphne and Debbie have been best friends for 10 years. They first met in HS and became roommates in NYC after college. Going through the want ads looking for traditional work, they found an ad calling for female rappers.

They sent off an application, thinking it would be funny if they got an audition. Coming up with a band name was easy; they lived on Avenue D and both of their names began with D. Avenue D is also the very last street in the east village, and people used to be afraid to go all the way down there. Perfect. They scribbled down a few lyrics and did a few rehearsals at the Bowery Bar where Debbie was working at the time. The audition never happened because the Bowery loved their act; they wanted Debbie and Daphne to do a weekly gig.

The rest is history! Word of the foul-mouthed duo spread around NYC and they soon found themselves playing NYC establishments like CBGB's, The Cock, Don Hill's, Piano's, Siberia, Deitch, The Warsaw and Stinger Bar. Having smacked the New York City scene up Daphne and Debbie took the show on the road, preaching their sexual sermons across the country and around the world! (Brazil, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Ibiza, and Germany). Along the way, they have shared stages with heavyweights like Peaches and The Scissor Sisters.

Avenue D make bumpin' ghetto music melding cheap beats, cheaper samples and bargain-basement lyrics as scary and shocking as they are truthful and funny. Debbie and Daphne write the lyrics and collaborate with a plethora of musical wunderkinds -- like Tigra (from L'Trimm), Phiiliip, Cazwell (formerly of Morplay), Mikey P., Larry T., and ye olde pop culture icon himself, Boy George!

Beyond their collaborations, the ladies are 100% DIY - which we LOVE! They make all their own merchandise, distribute their CDs, book their shows, manage their tours, and make their outfit. In fact, Debbie and Daphne's magnificently unique sense of style has made them sort of darlings of the fashion / art scene!

Avenue D's visual presence, rapacious 'me so horny' lyrics, and raunchy / surreal dance moves put even the most obnoxious crowd into the palm of their hands. They are rumored to have a knack for turning dance floors into human hot tubs full of hips swaying in abandon and rump shaking in time to Daphne and Debbie's quivering junky lines. Unfortunately for all those who missed them, they just finished a US tour. Hopefully, they'll be out on the road again soon!


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