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Erotic Jello Moldsters?

Music Connection named them one of the top 100 unsigned bands in So. Cal just over a year ago. BANG sugar BANG are a punk rock trio from Los Angles CA. They play a non-stop style of classic punk rock blended with the stylings of early British girl punk. Their live shows are raved about as being explosively energetic and full of wild stage antics.

The band is comprised of Cooper (vocals/bass) and Matt Southwell (vocals/guitars) – who formed BANG sugar BANG in 2001, allegedly, while working at an LA based erotic jello mold company! Pawley Filth soon joined them on drums. They’re a dedicated and hard working band – and Skratch Magazine says they PACK the house, even at an unadvertised show.

BANG sugar BANG have been featured on several compilations, tv soundtracks, local radio airplay and web and print reviews. They’re also fellow music activists, having co-created the highly successful weekly punk/power pop club, Kiss or Kill, dedicated to fostering Los Angeles’ independent music scene. We’re anxious to see what is ahead for them in 2005.


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