received 08.04
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Big Sparkle Stars

Bubble is a Garage Punk band from LA featuring Share Ross on vocals and guitar with Bam on drums. The two also happen to be husband and wife. Share is a true Icon of Women in Rock. She’s played guitar since childhood; a skill taught to her by her mom. Many may recall her stint with the legendary 80’s glam-metal band Vixen (and her recent appearance with the same on VH1’s Bands Reunited).

Today she plays with Bubble, which is perhaps the best and most relevant work of her career. On “Rock n Roll Hell”, Share draws upon her lifetime of musical experience to bring us an album that brilliantly brings together threads of garage punk and metal from past twenty years. Bubble shows us how it all fits together. We think the album will be remembered as a classic Rock n Roll album and definitely earns Share a spot in the Women’s Rock Hall of Fame.



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