received 02.05
planet xox (bmi)

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Charlotte Summer got her first synthesizer (a Roland Juno 106) in the early 80's when she was just a girl. Inspired by popular New Wave acts of the time, she was inspired to make her own music. A mostly self-taught musician, Charlotte learned how to make electronic music. She also liked rock music, so she learned how to play a little guitar, and has moved toward making music which blends the two genres.

Ms. Summer has started a number of bands; most recently, Bizarre Love Triangle. Bizarre Love Triangle is also the title of the CD she sent to us. This is her first solo album and she sings, plays keyboards, rhythm guitar and does the drum programming and sequencing, too! The CD also features William Masback – guitars and Marco Zermeno – bass.

Charlotte is writing songs and collaborating with other artists for her next solo release.


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