Client A + Client B =

Two nicely heeled women from North England, Sarah Blackwood and Kate Holmes, who refer to themselves as Client A and Client B.

Building on their distinguished debut, Client is causing quite a stir with their second full-length release, “City”. Client continues to refine their special brand of elegant, sexy, minimalist synthpop to bring us an album ripe with tales of love, sex, drugs and rock & roll.

One reviewer nails it: “Like Dusty joining Joy Division and bringing Kraftwerk albums with her”, Client emphasizes florid keyboards, mechanical beats and calm, sometimes cynical vocals.

They play retro-electro in all its glory, every last bleeping, popping, robotic moment of it. They were recently tapped to support Erasure on their European tour; no doubt tantalizing audiences with their fascinating, breathtaking minimalism and the laconic quality of their music and performance. We encourage all of our European friends to catch Client live if you can.


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