Audio Precision
eceived 05.05
Heat Beat Records

You'll lose yourself in it

Cookie Garlore are Stacy Galore (drum programming, guitar, synthesizers + vocals), Johnny Galore (vocals, guitar, drum programming, synthesizer) and Cliff "Por PnOI sOn" Rivera (synthesizers + percussion). The three of them met during college in upstate NY and have been playing the east coast for a number of years.

Cookie Galore's sound is an effervescent ocean of melodies with lyrics that are felt as much as the beat. They blend 80's dark-pop influences like New Order, Depeche Mode and Morrissey under a bubbling synthpop plane. Their First full length album, Audio Precision, was released late last year on *Heat Beat* Records. Johnny provides the vocals on many of the songs on the CD, which features 11 deliciously compelling tracks.


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