Fueling the Good Fight

Del Cielo has been part of CoG Radio since December, 2003. Back then, we were still so shy and reluctant to write very much about the bands that sent us their music. Even though we wrote very little, we did know Del Cielo’s next release would be amazing.

And now that we’re a little less shy, we can give you some history about the band: They formed in January 2001 - soon after Basla Andolsun (bassist) introduced Andrea Lisi (guitarist) to Katy Otto (drummer). In the summer of 2002, after a few small tours and dozens of local and regional shows, they recorded and released their first full-length CD, “Wish and Wait” that was released on Exotic Fever Records in April 2003.

Del Cielo is a self-booked band with strong community involvement and commitment to social change. They have participated in many pro-girl/woman events like the Empower Program’s Girls’ Voices Conference for 200 teen girls (Empower Program is an anti-bullying non-profit organization). They have also played three different Ladyfests (Ladyfest D.C. Ladyfest Philly and Ladyfest South) and have performed at numerous “Take Back the Night” and “Rock for Choice” events. Del Cielo has toured and performed with many amazing bands, including Rainer Maria, Q and Not U, and Mates of State. Individual band members are also busy with other projects! Basla plays in Dischord Records' Beauty Pill, Andrea has contributed solo songs to various benefit projects, and Katy runs Exotic Fever Records. What RAWK STARS!

Their recent release on Lovitt Records, “Us Vs Them” is a full and rich, sometimes deep and intricate journey through complicated terrain. Appropriately titled, “Us Vs Them” contains 11 powerful songs about potent experiences, scene politics, isolation, hypocrisy and other thorny topics. Intimate songwriting, powerful instrumentation, vital drumbeats – Del Cielo should be in yr player!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.03

Feminist Values + Social Awareness Rock!

Invariably likened to Sleater-Kinney, Del Cielo have rounder edges than their west coast comparison. Three best friends, Katy, Basla and Andrea, are romantic, gritty popsters making hugely loveable sounds. Wish and Wait is more than the title of their debut CD. Church of Girl is anxious for more from this talented trio.


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