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All You Fantasized

We got an email a couple months ago from Stefan, a listener from Switzerland. He introduced us to Zürich-based electronic band Division Kent and their first release, Monsterproof. After listening to the title track, I simply had to hear the remaining 11!

Division Kent are just two: Sky Antinori and Andrea B. - though they grow to 5 people when they perform live (they leave the laptops at home!) Their music is made from a strong foundation of electronic pop, replete with danceable beats, and playful electronic sounds, and they add savory layers of heavy bass-lines, bewitching melodies plus elements of dub, punk and new wave.

Sky was formerly with Swandive - considered to be one of the most innovative Swiss bands of the late 90's. Andrea B's voice is dreamy, gritty, sexy and sweet. Sky explained that he and his girlfriend are musical soulmates, and that this, combined with their 'erotic charge' makes the perfect recipe for good music. Their lyrics are mostly in English though some of the songs inspired by lust, love, moods and nightmares call to be sung in alluringly sensual French or arrestingly resonant German.

"Monsterproof" has not been released in the US.

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