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What Comes Next?

Dorian Gray recently parted ways. The band members were Maria Miller (vox, guitar), Gil Petrovic (guitar), Mike Koch (drums) and Nick Blavat (bass). The band produced their third full-length release, Listen with Mother, with Keith Cleversley (of Flaming Lips, Hum and Verve fame), Wendy Schneider (of Bugatti Type 35) and Daniel Cline (of Self-Destruct Sequence).

Dorian Gray has been compared to acts such as Lush, My Bloody Valentine, The Cocteau Twins, and even Evanescence (with different vocals). Their music is downbeat, spacey, funky, and edgy; a dark swirl of guitars and keyboards and soft-shoes rock rhythms accompanying Miller's swooping and soaring voice. Her dreamy, vocals define Dorian Gray’s music. Maria is fiercely personal. She links her life and lyrics so closely that she won't discuss the experiences behind pieces such as "The Shame Song" and "He's So Strangely Blind." And you can feel it.

“Listen with Mother” is still available for purchase. They are one of those bands we can imagine listening to in the future and being reminded of something meaningful, important, fleeting...


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