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Through the twists and turns of fate, Kim and Alice met and formed as Eagle and Talon in mid-2003. They made their public debut at a converted Los Angeles bowling alley. This show launched a string of performances in LA, then New York, and soon after, the duo were playing shows in Japan, the Czech Republic and a weave of dates through the USA.

Kim Talon (words, guitar, bass) grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba composing music – a creative way to help offset the effects of her northerly location. She moved to New York City at 18 seeking a warmer climate and a possible career in tap dancing. Concomitantly, Alice Talon (drums, Casio, back-up vocals) was in the process of leaving her future career in classical piano. After college, she received a grant to film a short documentary film on feminism in Taiwan, so she moved from Cleveland, Ohio to live in Taipei, Taiwan, and spent her spare time drumming. (Alice is also involved with sister Allana & Mike in Fascinoma).

Eagle and Talon’s brand of quirky, interpretive rock is made possible with Kim and Alice’s voices, a throng of guitars, sparring Casio’s and mad drums. Their songs feature a complicated mix of angular guitar noise and elaborate rhythms topped off with kitten-soft melodies. Sort of like the theoretical blend of Primus, Sleater-Kinney and Death Cab for Cutie. Lyrically, songs contain metaphorical social criticisms in verses like: "They hide the bird feed/They hide the bird that breaks/We keep our windows closed/We leave the vacuum on." The disappointingly short EP shows great promise.

With a growing number of independent broadcasters and college radio stations across the US and Canada picking up their music, we know the future is preparing to explode for this irresistible duo.


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