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Freezepop is a Synthpop trio from the Boston area. The human elements of the band are Liz Enthusiasm, The Duke of Pannekoeken, and "The Other" Sean T. Drinkwater. The "fourth" Freezepop is the Yamaha qy70 - a sound source sequencer through which all of their music is made. The band formed in 1999 - on Nick Rhodes birthday no less! Their music has found its way onto loads of compilations and the band has toured extensively in America and abroad. All under the sanctified banner of DIY - the band self-produces, self-promotes, books their own tours!

Their melodies are catchy and sweet with the occasional hint of melancholy mixed in. Their lyrics are funny and clever, at times nostalgic. While their blips and bleeps are clearly informed by 80's groups like The Human League, Kraftwerk, & Depeche Mode; their music is not simply a novel recreation of these past projects. Freezepop is the fun future of music.


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