Frostiva RULES

Maybe you’ve already heard of Frostiva, but if not, you should check them out NOW! With an eye toward underground 80’s synth pop, this all-female group of slightly sinister, minimalist rockers make some DAMN FINE SOUND!

With the growing attention of the college radio scene, Frostiva have played Ladyfest Philly and stepped up to help organize Ladyfet Ohio 2004. These ladies are after our hearts for shure!

Since their beginnings in 2000, Frostiva have shared the stage with other CoG favs, Manda and the Marbles, Melt Banana and Tracy + the Plastics. They’ll leave you feeling greedy – saying, oh no, is that all? I must have more! Get a copy of their CD, Ochnomos, and treasure this rare find!


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