Gay Deceivers
photo by megan holmes

Limited Edition
Received January 2007

Since They Were Teens

Gay Deceivers were formed as the result of a dance contest when Haley and Sarah tied for first place. This was in 1986 - when they were teenagers. They ripped up West Hartford, CT for a few years before crossing paths again in Portland, OR in 1996.

Their experimental sounds are "not for the uninitiated"! The lady duo artfully balances their lo-fi sensibilities with a vivid and edgy art-rock style. Willamette Week's description of their sound: "...recalls Raincoats-style punk or early K Records, but the pair has a cuckoo edge as well, like the Fiery Furnaces in Mary Timony's Drunken dream...".

But the audio is only part of their allure. Committed to a complete visceral experience, Gay Deceivers live shows are a multi-media extravaganza. They have shared a stage with an impressive range of artists: Sini Anderson, LKN, Sarah Dougher, Show Me the Pink, Nicky Click, Swan Island, ?Fact of Fiction?, the New Bloods, Ms. Su'ad and others.

With sts (The Haggard, Cadallaca), Sarah and Haley were the backing band and collaborators on the fairytale rock opera, "The Armless Children and the Serpent". Plus, they were hand-picked to be part of John King's Extreme Guitar Orchestra in the fall of 2006 as part of Portland Institute for Contemporary Art's annual Time-Based Arts Festival.

By Mary Ann Naylor + Church of Girl
14. March. 2007