Nothing is More
received 09.05
Side One Dummy

02.13.06 UPDATE:

From the band:

"The past two years of our five year existence as a band has been a struggle. Go Betty Go became so consuming that we each individually had to decide whether or not we wanted to dedicate our lives to music. Unfortunately Nicolette came to the conclusion that this lifestyle was not for her. Despite her frustration, for the last two years Nicolette has made an effort to make this work but eventually she chose other priorities.

All though [sic] it has been extremely difficult to accept her departure, the three of us are determined to continue Go Betty Go. We had a choice to make; either break up or give Go Betty Go one more chance with a new singer.

We know that this transition is not just difficult for us, but difficult for all of you. We sincerely hope that everyone will maintain an open mind and support us with our new singer, whoever she may be. This is a new chapter in our lives and our careers. We´re looking forward to moving on and see this as a chance to grow.

Our next step will be to hold auditions in the coming weeks. We´re open to people who are interested in the opportunity (SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!). We'll keep you posted on audition information in the next few weeks. We're open to questions, comments and concerns so please feel free to e-mail us.

Thank you so much for your continued support and we look forward to seeing everyone once again".

Aixa, Betty, Michelle and Nicolette

Go Betty Go

They're From LA!

Straight out of Glendale, Go Betty Go are back with a new release, Nothing is More, which hit the streets September 13. The band lineup has remained the same: Betty Cisneros (Drums), Michelle Rangel (Bass) and sisters Aixa Vilar (Guitar) and Nicolette Vilar (Vox).

Go Betty Go plays sass-fueled muscular pop-punk with tinges of the Cramps and old 60's surf rock. Sounding like an edgier and more powerful Sahara Hot nights or a steelier, dangerous Tsunami Bomb, the music is powerful, tuneful and drives with ferocity; tight and fast filled with hooks and choruses. It is a blend of punk and pop appealing to the rebellious streak of dissidents and social conservative alike, which is but one reason for their broad appeal.

Their music has appeared in all sorts of places from video games like the Fantastic Four and Sims 2 University, to TV shows like MTV Punk’d , One Tree Hill, Spring Break: The Movie and The Entertainment Tonight Insider. They have also been featured in Alternative Press, Seventeen Magazine, L.A. Times and several publications en español, such as La Opinion, HOY and Latina, where their Hispanic heritage is celebrated.


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Worst Enemy
Received 05.04

Go Betty Go's website
SideOneDummy Records

And indeed, Betty GOES!!

The real power of the press! A lovely boy by the name of Jason emailed us a few months back with a story about this band he saw...a wonderful all-girl, all-Latina band with a great name ... Go Betty Go.

And we are so glad he did!!! Go Betty Go is guitarist Betty Cisneros, bassist Michelle Rangal and sisters Nicolette (vocals) and Aixa Vilar (drums). They are great musicians and their latest effort "Worst Enemy" is a rockin' collection of songs with tracks sung in English and Spanish.

They were the only "boy free" act on the 2003 warped tour and continue to receive accolades in the LA club scene. But the hype isn’t important to them, nor is being an "all girl band". They want to be recognized as a group of great musicians who play great music...who could argue with that?

Listen to Go Betty Go on the Radio Stars 1 and Punk Rock Girls Playlists on Church of Girl Radio.


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