Horde of Two
Guitar & Bass Actions

March 2009 Radio Star


Collaborative Response

Horde of Two is Wendy Atkinson (June 2007 Radio Star) and David Lester (Mecca Normal).

Their album was made with just a bass (Wendy) and guitar (David) and is aptly named "Guitar & Bass Actions"

The duo recorded "Guitar & Bass Actions" in the dead of winter, using Wendy's living room as the recording studio. The songs on the album are deep and sometimes startling; the effect of playing the murder scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s "Blackmail" and transforming the tension on video into a sonic storybook.

Wendy has released two solo bass albums ("Pink Noise" and "Trim")on Smarten UP! Records. Her music appeared in Sonic Landscapes (MI based sound art exhibit) and on the CD Compilations Ladyfest Ottowa and Deep Wireless 5. She is also a two time candidate for Art in the Air (an international audio art festival).

David Lester is the guitarist for the legendary Mecca Normal whose music Rolling Stone called “a consistent, evolving, and luminous challenge to the reigning social order”. In addition to his musical talent, David is an accomplished artist whose work has appeared in Broken Pencil, Bananafish, San Diego Reader and Warburger. He also presents a lecture series “How Art & Music Can Change The World” with Jean Smith (Vocalist for Mecca Normal and Guitar & Bass Actions cover art designer).

The band plans to tour in the summer and fall of 2009. Check their MySpace site for dates.  


By Mary Ann Naylor + Church of Girl
Published 17 . May . 2009