received 09.05

Candy Cone

Dream State Sounds

Hush Collector formed in the city of Brighton on the British south coast. Their names are Poppy Gonzalez (vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, percussion), Katie Mummery (vocals, piano, acoustic guitar) and Peter Simmons (guitars, bass) and they will lull you away with haunting melodies that swirl against subtle country harmonies or an edgy blues guitar.

Their 4 track ep, Flowby, is a masterful debut. The breathy vocals, whirling guitars, delicately percussive piano and soft instrumentation course effortlessly. Sort of like a bit of The Cowboy Junkies tossed with Mazzy Star. The songs are spacious, gracefully woven with a lightly discordant thread to keep you slightly on edge. Lyrically, Hush Collectors songs explore life, death, love and heartache.

The band recently made their live debut on Phil Jackson's BBC 'South Live' show, followed by a successful first gig at the Sanctuary Cafe. They are currently in the studio to finish the album.

Flowby was released on Candy Cone and is available from CD Baby and at Tower Records.


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