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May 2007 Radio Star
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Children of Music

Jetsetter was formed in 2004 when lead singer and lyricist Renée Ciarra and Tyler Finck unearthed their shared passion for music after Renee' discovered Tyler through his movie scores (they were both film students at Ithaca College).

Renée is no stranger to the world of rock as she performed background vocals with some of father's bands. It's even cooler when you consider her father Dennis Dunaway played bass for Alice Cooper and her mother is a rock costume designer who outfitted Alice as well as Pink Floyd and The Who!

Tyler began playing piano at the age of 6, and subsequently learned bass and guitar. His passion for music kept him deeply involved and he soon was fluent with multiple instruments. Tyler's penchant for composing led to his touring with a band when he was in high school and composing many film scores during college. On VasoVerga, Tyler plays keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums.

The unique intersection of their divergent influences comes to life on their debut album, VasoVerga. Renée's love of 'divas and flamboyant rockers' meets Tyler's gravitation toward 'trip hop hooks and cinematic instrumentals'. The effect is further enhanced by their recording style: the interludes on the album were recorded using only one microphone and a single take.