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Changing Frequencies IS Easy!

This band FULLY rocks! Nearly five years in the making, kHz's full-length CD, Reality On A Finer Scale, was released March, 2005 to much enthusiasm. The CD contains multimedia goodies and their website is a gorgeous extension of this heavy release.

Lending a powerfully distinctive feel to kHz is lead singer, Raiana; a tough, foul-mouthed beauty with the voice of a seraphim. Equally defining the full hard sound of kHz is Pull – a multi-talented guitarist, keyboardist and programmer who influences the entire sound of the band from conceptualization through the mastering process. He has also been called on by major labels to remix work from some big names. Damon Cahn on drums and Nick Fakis on bass complete this 4-piece powerhouse from New York, NY.

The first time I heard "It's Yours", some primitive sound left me, it was a completely involuntary thing. Powerful and surprising, Reality On A Finer Scale is like a 5-ton catharsis - you'll feel a little spent after experiencing all 15 tracks.

kHz is rumored to be contagiously energetic live and they have shared a stage with notable bands like Hooverphnic, Rasputina, Switchblade Symphony, MDFMK and The Creatures. There are a number of NYC shows scheduled this spring with more dates to come. Check out their amazing website for all the latest.


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