received 08.05

clickpop records

Pretty, Sweet + Uncensored

Kristin Allen-Zito lives in Seattle and loves to play her guitar. She’s been around music much of her life - her mom is songwriter/folk singer, Linda Allen! But Kristin’s folk roots are frosted in a soft and grainy layer of electro-acoustic indie pop. Kristin’s music might even be described as a sort of riot grrrl folk pop.

Kristin wrote 11 of the 12 tracks on Helium with the 12th track co-written by Deborah Heuser. Her lyrics are infused with intriciate metaphors to tell us about unbeautiful truths and things that make you go f*ck!

The songs are filled with a soft guitar, organ, and many surprise instruments including a fuzz bass, Theremin, the saw and even a plucky toy piano. Five other musicians provided instrumentation on various tracks: Rich Canut (toy piano, saw, back-up guitar and fuzz bass), Tony Gavilanes (drums), Alex Vouri (bass), Phil Mayben (back-up guitar and drums) and Nils Rye (theremin and additional percussion).

Very sweet and slightly gritty, Kristin’s muted innocent voice is at once comforting and jarring. If you enjoy Mirah, Elliot Smith, maybe even Rilo Kiley you will want to check out Kristin’’s music. We think she would be great on a bill with the more heavily electronic artist, Oly, who has been a Church of Girl Radio Star since July 2005.


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