Everything Was Beautiful
and Nothing Hurt

received 08.05

Back Porch Records

Warning: Explicit Lyrics

Lily Holbrook has an interesting career history. She went from busking, that is singing in subway stations and the like to playing cafes and such, to becoming a signed artist on the Back Porch Records label. Such an interesting story made her a natural choice for the film, Playing for Change, a rockumentary highlighting the lives of sixteen street musicians across the country. Playing for Change was shown at the Sundance Film Festival this July.

It is easy to make surface comparisons of Lily to artists like Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Jewel, Aimee Mann, or even Bjork. But Lily is unique for several reasons one of most important being she is not afraid to confront the darker side of our nature through her music. Most of her songs are passionate outcries against the tyranny of physical appearance, the sex industry, and domestic violence.

Quirky distortion pop, ethereal acoustic folk songs, string ballads, and shadowy light rock frame the canvas where Lily paints her bittersweet musical pictures with her sweet, ethereal voice. The instrumentation is minimal – guitars, piano and strings with some distortion, fuzzy bass, whistles and electronic sounds for added effect.

Lily is currently in Europe working on new music.


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