The Brink
received 06.05
Jafzi Records



Melodic Angst

Loki the Grump are Michele (vox), Howie (guitar), Phil (Bass) and Dawn (Drums). The quartet is known for their punchy hooks, driving pulse and a strong female vocalist who brings it all together. Kind of like the lovechild of Black Flag and Poly Styrene. Michele's unique vocal stylings communicate anxiety, frustration, and abandonment with power and volume - which some would say a punk band really needs to be great.

Their 5-song EP, The Brink, is an energetic power-pop-punk ride that takes you by surprise. There is a strong retro-punk feel to The Brink;
mixing genres and inspirations from X Ray Spex, Oingo Boingo, Siouxie, Vice Squad and early XTC. In fact, Kylie Buchanan on the Distant Warning boards likened Michele to Jello Biafra! Michele's vocals give the album a strangely fascinating sound which grows on you with each listen.

The band has gained a following and they were recently featured on Q104.3 / New York’s “Out of the Box” show with DJ Jonathan Clarke. A photo of the band appears in the 10 year anniversary collectors' issue, Issue 54, (Mar/Apr 2005) of ROCKRGRL Mag in association with the charity event Girls Rock & Girls Rule III, benefiting V.O.W., an arm of the Battered Women's Resource Center, organized by Gail Silverman. Give yourself an adrenaline-filled treat and check em' out live; you won't be sorry.

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