Real Vampires EP
received 07.05
Cake Records



Vampire or Ninja?

Mon Frere is a self-proclaimed "Ninja Vampire Tribute Band" featuring Nouela Johnston (vox + keys), Kyle Swisher (guitars) and David Haasl (drums).

In a little over a year, the trio have established themselves as musical wunderkinds in the Seattle area and beyond. They came out of nowhere to win The Experience Music Project’s Sound Off Competition and haven't lost a bit of momentum! They just wrapped a 19-City West Coast Tour and are heading back on the road soon for national dates. Quite amazing for a trio who are barely old enough to get into some of the clubs they are playing these days!

They have also signed with Cake Records who re-released their stellar debut EP Real Vampires. The EP showcases the allure of Mon Frere -- powerful female vocals, electrifying synthesizers and big guitar riffs: A sound that puts them in a camp with bands like The Start or Frostiva (who recently split). Their songs are a varied collection of musical stylings; the fun and danceable "Bunch of Broccoli" and "Real Ultimate Power", the loungy "orcs don't know it", there is even a rockabilly turn on "Up Circle".

Mon Frere offer a little something for everybody; so check their website to see if they’ll be coming to your town.

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