A Hot Hooray EP
received 06.05

Self-Released on
One Seven Zero Recordings

Delicate Arrival

I was immediately intrigued with Oly. Her “A Hot Hooray” arrived in layers of transparent packaging and included mysterious and sensual pictures to increase my interest in the music.

Immediately, I felt strangely drawn and faintly connected. Oly’s tone is sweet and lucid. Her delicate voice carves out abstract thoughts in subtle eclectic, stream-of-consciousness pop stylings.

Oly was born in LA and throughout her childhood in Miami, she played with sounds and music. She made rap songs with her brother, played with her miniature piano during those early years of leisure, and as she grew up, was exposed to late 70’s disco music by her father and the 80’s pop music of the day by her older sister. After making an early impression in the Florida indie-rock scene, Oly recently moved to Chicago and has recently returned from a west coast tour.

A Hot Hooray releases August 2, 2005, and a CD release party is planned for August 18 at Sonotheque in Chicago.

We Oly and can’t wait for more.


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