Planet of Women
received 08.05
Propaganda Records

Made For You

Planet of Women is Jade on lead vocals with backing singers Nina and Jolene. They are getting a lot of press and airplay in the UK because of their raunchy sound - which is a cocktail of classic rock with the pop edge of Roxette (Remember Roxette!?!). Of course, none of it would work without Jade's earsplitting, powerful vocal talents, which one reviewer described as “a cross between Tina Turner and Wasp's Blackie Lawless”.

Planet of Women has drawn criticism from some reviewers because the women do not play instruments themselves, relying instead on three mysterious male musicians or “sirs-not-appearing-in-this-film”. However, the saving grace is front woman Jade, with a voice gravelly and powerful like Janis Joplin and a vocal range like Aretha Franklin.

Planet Of Women have a distinct look and style with record-label backing and the marketing savvy to make a distinct impression on the music industry.


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