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Plastic Parachute is Deb Hooks (vox), Ricky Brewer (Guitar), Michael Angelo Brewer (Bass), and Clint Johnston (skins). The band officially formed in 2003 and completed their first album in September of that year. Since then, you might say they have been busy.

They are a perpetually touring band, traveling around the US and living out of their 30 ft RV. Soon after they hit the road, MTV picked up their songs "Tickle Me", "Moondancer" & "Memphis" for the '04-'05 seasons of Trippin', The Osbournes, The Newlyweds & The Ashlee Simpson Show. CBS licensed the same three songs for it's hit TV show Joan of Arcadia.

Their latest album Swell, was produced by Dave Darling who is best known for his production work with Brian Setzer and Meredith Brooks. Swell is full of sugary, high-energy power-pop with Deb Hooks baby-girl voice; frenzied yet articulate enough to drive her vivid lyrics into yr head. The songs touch on heartbreak here and there, but it's nearly impossible to feel down listening to this high energy band who obviously have so much fun doing what they do.

Plastic Parachute's songs "Swell" and "Houdini" have been in heavy rotation on college radio stations across the US. The band now finds themselves sharing stages with artists like Deborah Harry and The Go Gos. We know they get these gigs because of their immense fun factor and can just imagine how much fun they would be to see live.


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