Ballads & Burlesque
eceived 06.05
MPress Records

Passionate Folk-Noir

Accolades abound for the lovely, burlesque folk noir artist, Rachael Sage.

Her earliest ambition was to be a Solid Gold Dancer. Some have dubbed Rachael as “the Cher of the folk scene” or “a female Elton John”; she crafts lovely, piano driven songs (yes – yes – out of our ordinary realm of taste…) woven with jazz, folk and contemporary feminist sensibilities. Rachael has won numerous industry awards like the John Lennon Songwriting Award and Billboard and ASCAP Songwriting Contests. She has shared the stage with the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow and Ani DiFranco.

Following up her critically acclaimed 2003 release, Public Record, her latest release, Ballads & Burlesque is a set of ten narrative songs looking at “different aspects of seduction”. The song BRAVEST FEAR explores the seduction of freedom from the perspective of someone “choosing the peace of death over the pain of life” which was recorded live and dedicated to the late Elliot Smith. This release marks her debut as the sole producer and arranger.

Rachel plays more than 150 shows a year and is a founding member of WomanRock, Indiegrrl, and the NYC art collective UrbanMuse.


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