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We Räuberhöhle!

In 1999, a young woman named Krawalla received a little keyboard as a gift - a Casio SA-11. She liked the cute sounds and beats; a welcome addition to her tiny Berlin apartment which she lovingly referred to as the "räuberhöhle" or "Robbers Cave". She played with her keyboard, learned from it, all the while becoming increasingly preoccupied with its blips and bleeps. Eventually, she became totally obsessed with collecting other instruments – and those from her childhood – xylophones, guitars, synthesizers, and other things that would beep or toot. She began making melodies and learned how to record tracks and add vocals over the top. Then she started her own website, uploaded the songs she made and let anyone download them for free. She calls her ‘band’ Räuberhöhle.

People went crazy over her fun and catchy songs and soon were asking her to play live. Krawalla liked the idea, but didn’t want to put on some boring laptop show. She also knew she couldn’t play all the instruments at the same time and sing, too! Being unique from every angle, she created a stage show which is a combination laptop show and puppet show with characters that tell her intriguing story.

Her creativity and ability to make wonderful music single-handedly fills us with hope and possibility; A feeling not unlike hearing Julie Ruin for the first time.


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