Park a Tiger
received 09.05

Unforgiving + Rock Solid

The Reptoids are earning a reputation – and Church of Girl is helping to spread all the juicy gossip!

The band is a ¾ female grunge-punk power house featuring Kay Oh (guitar, vocals), Melissa (guitar, vocals), Meg (drums) and Ari Joffee (bass, vocals). They formed in mid 2003 and are based in Chicago.

Strong and growing, The Reptoids receive terrestrial airplay on Chicago stations and have been reviewed in the Illinois Entertainer and Punk Planet. Their music is aggressive and touches on subjects like bladder infections, L7, stolen guitars and UFO conspiracy theories.

Kay Oh and Melissa trade off vocals and guitars, providing a little extra variety on their 6 song release, “Park a Tiger”. We particularly like the song “Crimes Against Humanity”, showing off the more melodic, power pop face of the band.

Overall, the CD is musically raw and aggressive, earning their reputation for a strong musical future. 


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