Received 06.04 @ Ladyfest Seattle

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<-- Meet Jessie S.K. & Ripley

Saturday, June 26 was a dark day … in addition to our own dark comedy of errors – from losing the cell phone – to forgetting the directions – to not having an RCA to ¼” adaptor plug – to an error with our hotel reservations and a long drive back to p-town - it was a Ladyfest Seattle dark day for Ripley, too, it was their last performance – ever. The band broke up that afternoon, in a sparsely attended indie rock afternoon at Graceland.

Despite everything this gloomy, sunny summer day had in store for us – we got to meet Jessie S.K. – front woman for Ripley, who indubitably has something else up her sleeve!

You can check out Ripley on the Radio Stars 1 and Garage Girls playlists on Church of Girl Radio or visit their website – at least for a while!


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