International Lover Demo
received 08.05

PopCult / TapeModern 2004

International Lovers

Riviera F is the international electro-pop dance machine of Russian singer Alexa Martin, Dutch guitarist Kairo Sin, and German synth player Severin.

Alexa and Kairo met at the St. Martins school of Art in London. Soon after, Severin joined the band; A perfect fit and someone who shared their appreciation of bubblegum pop, European fashion and all around glitz. Riviera F has a fundamental DIY attitude and Kairo often makes her own outfits -- using a stapler!

Some incredible mentors have helped guide Riviera F to their current place. After listening to their demo, the late John Peel gave Riviera F their first live gig on his legendary show on BBC’s Radio 1. Nick Rhodes later found out about the band and offered them a recording contract on his label Tape Modern. Larry Tee also approached them to play an Electroclash festival in New York. Riviera F currently play live dates in the UK and around Europe and have performed at ace London clubs like Kashpoint, Club Dolla, Computer Blue, The Fanclub, How to Pick up Girls and Electrogogo.

Their sound might remind you of Ladytron, Vive La Fete, or Client, but make no mistake, Riviera F have their own direction. They test the musical limits of their genre – pushing their tempos, adding gritty synth textures, and most importantly writing good songs. Every track on the EP bristles with energy and most of the songs feature guitar, adding a raw insistent aspect to their sound.

Produced by Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran), the International Lover EP was released last year and in September, 2005, the band released their first single in the US (on Kinetic Media).


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