Get Rid!
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She's A Color Scientist!

London based Robots in Disguise (RID) are Sue Denim and Dee Plume. The two were involved in an all-girl garage band for many years before moving into electronic dance music. Although their musical style changed, the feminist and DIY energy still comes through loud and clear. Sue articulated these ideas best in an interview given with East Coast Rocker when she said "It is good for girls to get together and play music and share that together".

They write their own music and play their own instruments. Like Rhythm King and Her Friends, RID uses an eclectic combination of electronic and acoustic instruments; drum machines, guitars, bass, recorders, and even megaphones to create aural mosaics incorporating elements of trip-hop, punk rock, synth-pop and modern day electro-punk. The music creates mood and energy and the voices of Sue and Dee respond in kind. The ladies emote, whisper, and robotize their lyrics to convey feelings of fun, intellectual detachment, and heartfelt intimacy.

Robots in Disguise recently played at Barfly and Club Mutherfucker, and reputedly, threw out DIY art, cool moves, with their usual dose of full-on entertainment. Their full length CD, Get RID!, is awaiting a US release. We are restless for the news, and announcement of their tour dates!


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