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Music Reserved for Giant Robots Changing Shape

Hailing from the unexpected city of Richmond, Virginia, Rockbot are a 6 member synth-rock band. Founded by Jonathan Sullivan (vocals, bass) and Clark Fraley (guitar), in 2001, the lineup also includes Bryan Stiglich (drums), Adam Thomas (synth), Steve Burner (guitar) and Laura Thomas (vocals & synth).

Influenced by an unlikely combination of Japanese Pop Music, New Wave and Metal, Rockbot's special brand of “Atari Rock” is an explosion of speed metal guitar riffs, Herculean rhythms, B-level video game bleeps and sugary bubblegum vocals. They employ a light-hearted approach to lyricism, fitting well with their cosmic atmosphere. Coming from a genre criticized for being overly simplistic, Rockbot manages to create something engaging.

Rockbot has toured the east coast and Midwest extensively, opening for acts like Atom and his Package, Ozma, Count the Stars, River City High, and Captured by Robots. They’ve also appeared on some BMX videos and at the annual gaming convention, Dragoncon.


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