received 09.04

Electro Glam Art Rock

Coming out of the performance art party scene in NY’s Lower East Side, Saint Eve is the creation of L. Gabrielle Penabaz. Her latest effort Elixir, while electro at its core is also laced with 70’s-esque glam guitar, some drum and bass, and trance; making for a rocking unique sound which defies categorization. She calls the style “Modern Glam” to account for the synths – her primary instrument – and the rockin’ qualities of her music (until someone comes up with something better she says). Her voice is sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, but always powerful. Her lyrics are beautifully dark reflections on breakup, betrayal, and how it all falls apart.

Gabrielle is very active in the NYC Electronic Music Scene and reportedly puts on a great live show, incorporating a wide range of performance elements. In demand by multiple factions – from the techno underground to the burlesque and drag queen scene – to Goths, and large venues like the House of Blues in New Orleans and the Forum in London! If you get a chance to see her live, we highly recommend it.


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