To Sweeten Up
received 11.05

Unexpectedly Beautiful

Sarah Glynn grew up in Richmond, Indiana studying piano, violin and later, guitar. She began recording her own compositions on a Tascam 4-track, a pink Series-10 guitar and a Boss Dr. Rhythm when she was in the 7th grade. In high school, she was part of Amplified Artist, an acoustic duo who performed locally and got airplay on the local college radio station.

Sarah now lives in Austin TX. She moved there from Boston in 1999 to attend medical school and became involved with the local music scene and primarily, plays lead guitar for Echoset (who became Radio Stars in January, 2004). Her creative drive won out and Sarah decided to pursue music full time and leave med school.

Since making that decision, she has self-produced 2 CDs, assembled a 5-piece touring band (The Sarah Glynn Band), opened for Juliana Hatfield, Mason Jennings, the Butchies, Patrice Pike, & Bob Schneider, attended Dallas New Music Festival, played at Ladyfest TX (2003, 2004), GirlxGirl Fest, and of course, her successes with Echoset.

She released her second full length, To Sweeten Up, in 2004. The 12 tracks are layered with interesting melodies created by piano, horn & string arrangements blended in with offbeat, herky-jerky rhythms. Sarah describes her music as being "somewhere between Liz Phair and the Police -- intricate parts with a strong rhythmic push forward." Sarah’s music incorporates new wave, modern pop and jazz for an altogether unique sound. The lyrics on To Sweeten Up are intelligent and caustic, but it is Sarah’s unconventionally infectious voice that will tempt you. She delivers her words like a sexy, sultry siren but with honesty and without pretense. Sarah's voice evokes strands of similarity to Jeremy Enigk (replete with all the allure and surprise contained on his 1996 release Return of the Frog Queen).

Our favorite description of Sarah Glynn’s music comes from Jenn Garrison, KGSR DJ: “It’s like Radiohead meets Sam Phillips”.


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SARAH GLYNN: To Sweeten Up

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