received 10.04

Allure. Danger. Original Delight.

After parting ways with her former band Radio Vago, Adrienne Pearson started an entirely new project – one that would stun audiences and make a singular mark on the current music scene.

She teamed up with Ross Horwitz (guitar), Chris Rock (bass), Matt Cowan (keyboards), and Rick Moe (drums) to form Shoot Out The Lights. They first played live on Halloween in 2003 and have since established a fan base and prolific presence in the LA underground.

Their music is a dark journey into the soul, possessing elements of gothic melancholy mixed with the explosive, frantic energy of high intensity rock and the fearless vocals of Adrienne! Drawing from a gamut of sonic textures and musical blueprints, Shoot Out The Lights evokes the feel of Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Stooges and the Cure, but their sound is all their own. With explosive intensity and commanding presence, Shoot out the Lights just might bring you to your knees and leave you craving more.


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