Demo 2005
received 08.05

Still Knocks

Q:  What is StillKnox’s motto?

A:  „With an honour to every little pussy hiding in a corner in the middle of nowhere!“


StillKnox are from the Czech Republic.  They formed in the summer of 2002 as an all female punk rock/grunge band with a feminist “gender-bender attitude”.  The lineup has changed a little, and there is now one boy in the band.  Ing. Atlet Faker von Fuck Off (drums), joined the force of Elda von LišajOff (guitar & song writer), Hana von Goth (bass guitar) and Zuzana von Bohnice (vocals). 


The band often draws comparisons to riot grrrl punk bands, but StillKnox regard their relation to this movement as “metaphoric”.  StillKnox play at festivals and all types of venues around the Czech Republic and many benefits that have something to do with gender issues.  StillKnox were part of the first ever Babyfest and during an interview, Elda made the comment that if “more girls play and take seriously playing their instrument (they) make it easier for other women to come in and be taken seriously”.  (BTW - Baba is a Czech slang term for a strong somewhat scary woman). 


StillKnox hold a special place in Church of Girl’s heart.  We first exchanged email with Elda back in 2003, when we found the band and asked to add “Fucked Little Girl” to Church of Girl Radio.  We wanted to share with the world, their raw musicianship and powerful lyrics.  We were thrilled to get a copy of their Demo 2005 recorded earlier this year with 6 bold songs.  They also included a note that made us smile. 


We hope to meet these Radio Stars someday - somewhere between Portland and Prague. 


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