sugar short wave


February 2008 Radio Star

Question Your Assumptions

sugar short wave (ssw) is a Portland based musician, engineer, producer, and film maker. After growing up in Kentucky, ssw journeyed west on the hunt for a "sweeter sense of sound".

Practicing her own brand of creative hygiene, ssw approaches the process of making music without expectation.

Every show is different than the last and as she would say, ”Predictability should be avoided.”

The result of her vigilance is gorgeous, atmospheric music that goes deep. ssw plays all of the instruments in her elaborately arranged pieces: upright bass, guitars, keys, and beats .

ssw is also passionate about film and the way sounds and images fit together and collide.

Church of Girl is hoping to hear more from this brilliant lady in 2009!


By Mary Ann Naylor + Church of Girl
Published 8 . January . 2009