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We Interrupt Your Steady Diet of Distraction

Fiercely self-reliant, Suran Song in Stag has released their 4th full-length CD, “Kitty Igloo and the Plastic Stereo”.

This force of artistic sound began stewing in the early-mid 90’s. It was a time when Suran Song was performing slide-projection body art shows at fine art galleries in NYC & LA and William Weis was playing rock clubs. They became a duo in 1996, uniting through their mutual love of early punk bands like Minor Threat, Black Flag and The Misfits.

Suran Song in Stag blend Suran's artistic performances with rock & punk music. Their activist roots + the Agit stage allow for ‘sneak attack’ performances. After our collective heart at Church of Girl, SSIS integrate meaningful lyrics, a political platform, and satisfy your elevated ideological expectations.

These are rare gems making some of the finest original, independent, thought provoking music.


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