Her Rock Rebellion

Thea Kearney is a singer, songwriter, guitar player and visual artist and web designer. Native New Yorker and Brooklyn girl, (we love you ALL) Thea performs her songs as a trio with Pam Arnold (drums) and Peter Sampson (bass) and as a solo acoustic artist.

Playing instruments since she was only 9, Thea has always been interested in art and music and is a largely self-taught musician. Her songs are ripe with social commentary and critical observations (“human expansion and greed…”). Her sound is based in rock – with the occasional hint of other influences, including punk, metal, funk, folk and pop. Her first full length, self-produced CD, Species Closeout was released in summer 2004.

We love it that Thea K doesn’t just sing about subjects she’s passionate and political about – she donates a portion of the proceeds of every CD sale to her environmental action organization of choice, The National resources Defense Council www.nrdc.org.

This is one laydee who won't stop, so make sure to check her site for the most recent news and updates on Thea K's work.


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