3 on 1
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Garage Punk Injection!

The Anabolics will tell you "Where we came from doesn’t matter", but sources close to Church of Girl have revealed Marcelo (drums & vocals) originally conceived of The Anabolics back in 1979.  He dreamed of a band so rockin’ fine they would only play arena rock in secret society basement meetings, all-girl colleges in the Northeast & prisons.  Only two months later, Annabelle Blue (guitar + vocals) and “Anne” K (keyboards + vocals) arrived in the states from Russia.  After a series of unfortunate events and unintended consequences, the band literally was not heard from again until the summer of 2003 and began playing shows again that fall.

Since then, they have played all over New York and across the US, Scandinavia, and the South Pacific.  Their live shows are high energy and full of dancing: A blur of miniskirts, fishnets, go-go boots, sunglasses and leather.  They seem to make many friends and enemies everywhere they go, but people do remember them.

They recently sent us their EP, 3 on 1 and a fantastic note bringing us much happiness.  The bandmates take turns providing the lead vocals on the three song EP – making each song beautifully distinct. The songs are about exes they kicked to the curb, people they love, people they hate, cheating, lying, scorned lovers, and stalkers.  Myriad influences are evident including The Clash, The Shangri-Las, Cheap Trick, Sahara Hotnights, Iggy Pop, The B-52s, and The Go-Go's.

Quirky.  Punky.  Rife with potential, we are anxious for more from these Brooklyn based porn hounds.  Incidentally, we have recently learned that Annabelle's Dad is very proud of her and wishes she would call more often.

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