Tyrant's Black Eyes EP
received 10.05


photos: Sarah Small


We were first introduced to Brooklyn based The Art of Shooting in late 2004 when we received a demo CD. We fell in love with their first effort the moment we pressed play. The thrill and attraction came flooding back the day we heard their new EP, Tyrant's Black Eyes. Released on November 19th, the 5 song- EP features the considerable mastering/mixing talent of Paul Mahajan who is best known for his work with The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, TV On The Radio and others. Amy said, “[Paul] makes it sound like it does in my head”.

TAOS started out with four members and are now three: Front women Kelly Corson (guitar/vocals) and Amy Barret (bass/vocals) with Oliver Rivera-Drew (drums). The music can be described as artful post-punk or haute couture indie-rock, but it sounds like nothing else you’ve heard before. It might even have a life all its own.

The bands musical influences are vast: The Velvet Underground, X, Death in Vegas, Stone Roses, Belly and Tricky just to name a few. The mysterious origins of the songwriting come “from the overactive pelvis, and a love of the ugly”. Tyrant’s Black Eyes is rife with a sort of dark eagerness and bold sensuality. Forceful yet dissonant melodies cross in and out against quiet, steady guitar and bass with Oliver’s relentless drumming. The vocal interactions between Kelly and Amy are perilously infectious.

And for those of you so visually inclined, have a peek at more inspiring and delectably sexy images from Sarah Small. “Lost in Boredom” makes our list as one of the best songs of 2005 and The Art of Shooting are a band not to be missed.


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They make us feel greedy.

The Art of Shooting is Kelly Corson (vocalist/guitar) , Amy Barrett (bass/vocals), Oliver Rivera-Drew (drums) and Ellis Traver (guitar).

Like a sonic tornado, The Art of Shooting demand attention, particularly Kelly's sometimes gritty, sometimes rhythmic and always captivating voice. Kelly's hums to screams have drawn comparisons to Siouxsie Sioux and Nina Hagen. Her lead is complimented by Amy’s cool and distant style (think Kim Gordon). The solid and inventive guitar and drum work of Ellis and Oliver compliment Amy & Kelly's playing to fill out their fascinating sound.

Though they have only been together since the Fall of 2003, they create a stir wherever they play, and have already played Ladyfest East and a benefit show with The Butchies and Triple Crème!

We are intrigued with The Art of Shooting, and will anxiously await their upcoming full-length. Kelly tells me the band has “gotten sooo much better!" and that they're putting together a new album. We can't wait to hear it!


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